Vote or DIE!!!!

(cool Shepard Fairey piece)

Do you remember that weird Puff Daddy slogan during the 2004 election? I did...and I thought it was ridiculous. It just came back to my memory the other day when I was pondering the election. I remember first hearing it and laughing hysterically because I saw a visual image in my head of P Ditty showing up at my house warning me that if I don't vote I will most surely suffer a painful and disturbing death.

Anyway...I digress.

As you may have guessed this is an extremely important election year. It's SO important for all of us to vote. It's a responsibility for everyone who enjoys the luxuries of life in America. As bad as we may think we have it...it's never that bad...so stop whining and vote!

Keep in mind, it's not only an election for the President of the U.S. There may be lots of other important things to vote for so do your research.

Arizona, for example, has a ballot measure about Payday Loans.

If Payday and Title Loans are important to you, you should do your research and prepare yourself for voting day because you don't want to leave your booth without voting for measures like those.

In Florida, there are measures to "protect marriage." I don't live in Florida anymore but I'm still registered there so I'm voting absentee...you better bet I'll be voting a big fat "NO" on that B.S.

See....voting is fun. It gets you passionate and excited about important issues. Take a stand, get educated and VOTE DAMMIT!!!



Payday loans: An issue of cost.

Critics of the payday and title loan industries spend most of their time trying to convince you that payday loans' ultra high interest rates will inevitably ruin your life. They consistently leave out the fact that payday and title loans are short term...which if totally negates the high interest argument.

Typically, a short-term (2 weeks) loan costs $15-20. Credit card late fees can cost as much as $37. The last time I overdrew my account, I ended up paying $50 in miscellaneous fees.

On top of that garbage, you have to worry about your credit score. The other penalty in this equation is that every time you're late on a payment, your credit score goes down. Lower credit scores mean higher interest rates and less of a chance at obtaining bigger loans down the line...say for a new home, car or business.

Payday loan critics certainly don't mention any of that stuff...because if they did and people actually started figuring it out...they'd be making less of a profit on you!

The thing you must realize is that these critics have something at stake. Your money.

The more informed you are, the better choices you're making and the less money they get to steal from you.

Start a revolution and get educated!



Trick or treat?

My sister sent me this in an e-mail and I saw a few other bloggers post it. It's hilarious but it's also really really sad...because it's kind of true. In the same e-mail my sister sent, she said this is what her neighborhood actually looks like at night. Empty, unkept houses sprinkle the streets with foreclosure signs. Truly a sad sight, I'm sure.

Here's an inspiring CNN story about someone who's decided to take a stand for what's right.

It's times like these that many people find themselves really short on cash. If you're reading this and know you're one of them, don't panic and don't worry about asking friends for a loan. You may be eligible for a quick and easy Title Loan. Also known as Auto Loans or Pink Slip Loans.

It's a kind of cash advance you get by using your own vehicle as collateral...doesn't necessarily have to be a car. Many lenders accept boats, motorcycles and more.

Many companies let you do this over the internet with on-line auto title loans. They applications are usually quick and simple.

After paying back the loan (with interest) within the period stated in your agreement, you'll get your car title back and whatever else you had to give...usually it's duplicate keys. If you cannot pay back the money, the lender will then take possession of your car to make up for the money they lost....So basically, make sure you can and will pay this loan back...unless you want to be out of car...or boat or whatever gets you around.

Don't use this if you're only looking for easy money. This is a serious loan that's made available so easily to help people who really need it...and who can really pay it back.

Always borrow responsibly and do your research to make sure you're borrowing from reputable on-line lenders. Don't make yourself into a victim!



The bailout bill passes

A historic $700 billion financial rescue plan has just passed. The Senate-amended bill passed 263 to 171. CNNMoney.com has the full story.

These are incredibly interesting times. Not only are we on the verge of a complete financial/economic meltdown, but we're in the middle perhaps THE biggest election of this century. I think the my generation (the 20-30 somethings) is going to have some interesting stories for our grandchildren.

The whole world is shaky with financial jitters and nobody feels it as hard as every day folks like you and I. It's a good thing we can rely on cash advance web sites in the case of an emergency. I've definitely been faced with some hard time financially lately. Luckily I just found a job, but I'm still on thin ice. It'll take some time for me to get my feet back up. In the event that I need to access quick cash, let's say I have a medical emergency, I can use the options presented on title loan web sites to get the help I need.

Remember to use these funds responsibly and don't let yourself fall into a cycle of debt. In hard times like these, your top priority should be to decrease your debt. Do yourself that favor!



the simple Pros and Cons of Auto Title Loans

If you've spent some time reading my blog and doing your own research about both Auto Title and Payday loans, maybe you're thinking that the whole ordeal is just too complicated. Well, don't be frightened because it's really quite simple.

The best thing to do when making any decision is weigh the pros and cons. So here they are!

As you know, an Auto Title Loan is granted using your vehicle as collateral. It's a great way to get some emergency cash if you need it but there certainly are consequences if you make irresponsible choices.

Auto Title Loan: Pros

If you own a car and have a job, getting an auto title loan is quite easy. There are plenty of sites on-line but some of the best are www.AutoCashUSA.com, www.TitleandPaydayLoans.com and www.RPMLenders.com.

All you need are your driver’s license, proof of residence (a utility bill will do) and your last pay stub to prove your employment status. Once your title of the car is verified, your loan is approved and usually you have the cash you need within 24 hours. Yes, it is that simple.

Typically speaking, loan applicants with a bad credit history get the big denial stamp. However, with an auto title loan, bad credit is not a disqualifying factor. So if your credit score is down in the dumps, don't worry!

Here's the best part...you get to keep your car. Your car is yours to keep, even while you're paying the loan back. I've heard some people liken Auto Title lenders to car thieves...and it's just ridiculous. No one is stealing your car.

Auto Title Loan: Cons

Let's be honest...the idea of getting your hands on a mountain of cash is attractive. Some people fall prey to this notion that and wind up being the biggest loser. Remember, these loans must be taken out with responsibility and only in urgent situations.

The reason I said what I said above about people painting Auto Title lenders as thieves is because of the very real risk that exists with these loans. You can lose your car. You use your car as collateral because the lender needs security in the event of your failure to repay. This is the absolute worst case scenario but it's happened to those who take out the loans when they shouldn't. So you see...they aren't really stealing your car. It's more like...you've given them the right to take possession of it in the event that you don't pay them back...which is basically like stealing their money. An eye for an eye, you know?

So...the lesson learned. Auto Title loans can be a great option for you if you're in an emergency type of situation AND have the means to pay it back. If you don't feel like you fit that description then you better reconsider your options and ask yourself why you really need all that money right now.

We're in a recession! Save your dang money!



Scary times just got....yep....scarier!

Damn it! Technology and I just aren't getting along right now. I just wrote a post that I was very pleased with and somehow, it got erased. I'm not exactly sure what happened, it was probably my fault but I don't want to waste too much time wondering WTF because then I'll drive myself mad.

Instead...I'll attempt to rewrite what I had said about the recent news regarding our fragile economy.

I should have assumed that the bad news would just get worse. Had I done that I wouldn't have been so surprised when I heard about the $700 BILLION the administration is asking for.

I couldn't help but think of Dr. Evil.....

Our President and the Federal Reserve chairman are asking for a blank check. This makes me angry and it should make you upset too because I don't think this money is just coming from no where. It's not like we have a big surplus we can borrow from....our country is buried in debt and that $700 billion is most likely going to come from us. Taxes, baby!

That's right. Taxes will pay for that money...and I'm not sure how Uncle Sam intends to do it...whether it's an increase in taxes, a large reduction of tax cuts or a liquidation of government services. Either way, it won't be fun.

The thing that sucks the most is that while I hate the idea of giving the people who screwed everything up more money to try and fix it...I don't know what else to do! I can only hope for two things.

1. The measure gets beefed up with safeguards to ensure a smooth operation. I don't want my money to just bail out the government's friends on Wall Street. Main Street needs help too.

2. The next administration takes that $700 billion and makes some smart moves with it. I've tried my best not to reveal my political beliefs and whom I've chosen to vote for so I'll just say that whomever wins better use that money wisely.

Otherwise I'll be packing my bags and headed to a small island some where in the Pacific.


Stop digging yourself into more debt!

If you're on the phone, right now, with a credit card company, on hold to request a bigger credit line...HANG UP. Consider the consequences of your actions and ask yourself why you're doing such an unwise thing. If you need quick cash that bad it's really not a good idea to increase your credit. I'm going to assume that if you're desperate enough to ask for more credit it's because you really really need it...like you're having an emergency.

Well, there's a better option for you and it's not nearly as dangerous and you don't even have to feel like it's an act of desperation because thousands of people turn to these options every day as a healthy alternative to deeper debt and/or heavy overdraft fees.

Hang up the phone and point your Internet browser to www.paycheckATM.com, www.USApaydaylenders.com and www.TitleandPaydayLoans.com to get started.

They're called Payday Loans and anyone with a job can obtain one. Essentially they are smaller cash advance loans up to $1,200 that must be paid within a month's time or so. Despite what you may have heard, as long as you complete the loan and pay it back you've got nothing to worry about and it won't affect your credit score. In fact, you don't even need to worry about your credit score because it doesn't affect your application.

Still unsure? Do a little bit of research to find out more about Payday Loans and Title Loans. I think if you're in a pinch and need quick cash, it's a much better option. Budget Blogger is another great resource for information and just recently, I discovered I Can Has Payday (which is fantastic for cat lovers).

Be smart!!



Scary times

While it may have been obvious to plain folk like you and me, the government has so far yet to use the dreaded "R" word, but I think now, more than ever, it's about time we acknowledge the truth. I'm no economist, but come on people. I think after the last few weeks its clear that we're in a recession.

First the fed takes over Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and the big headline news yesterday was about the government's $85 billion loan to insurance giant AIG.

I have mixed feelings about it and like many others, I'm not 100% sure what it means for our economy but I do think that it illustrates the financial crisis we're in.

That's why its so important for you to hang on to your jobs, save money and stop taking out loans. Now's not really a good time to buy a car or even open up a new credit card to get an iPod. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. If you've got extra money to spend, spend it on decreasing your debt.

Don't forget about your other options in the face of an emergency. It might seem obvious to use a credit card to take care of those rare emergencies but I think you should consider the options offered by Web sites like www.TitleAndPaydayLoans.com and www.PaycheckATM.com.

Don't believe the high interest rate myths you've probably heard about being associated with these services. It's bogus figures and if you do your research you'll find out that it's the credit card companies and banking institutions that have the higher interest rates and fees.

Payday and Title Loans are short term loans (30 days or less) that charge you a percentage of your fee or, in the case of Title Loans, use your vehicle as collateral. You must be employed to qualify and they don't care about your credit score. Contrary to what you may believe, nothing will happen to you if you follow the terms of the loan...which means...pay the dang loan back.

More information on that at www.WhichPayDayLoan.com and the CFSA.

I'm back on the search for a job today. Hopefully I'll start getting some phone calls next week. It's Thursday again which means the weekends almost here which means...yet another week without any luck on the job hunt.

Wish me luck!



Stretch that paycheck like taffy

I've been out of a job for only 2 weeks but it actually feels like 2 months! Not working makes time stretch like taffy, especially when I'm constantly checking my e-mails for responses and actually dreading the weekends (because all businesses are closed, I can't apply for jobs right away!).

Dang, I never thought I'd use those two words in the same sentence, "dread" and "weekend." I need help!

Luckily I have a good amount of money saved up because I planned for this stretch of joblessness, while I searched for better opportunities. And it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be to save up enough money. I just socked away a large portion of my paychecks for 4 months and cut down on my spending, another easy option when it comes to saving up your money.

Most of my extra spending ends up being on food because well...I love food. So I'd ask myself, "Okay...do I really need to buy a dozen vegan doughnuts?" Even now I can hear my taste-buds screaming "YES!" but the smart part of my brain tells me "No." I have a super nice girlfriend who's really good at backing me up too, just in case my brain fails (which happens from time to time).

In case the metaphorical taffy machine breaks down and you run into trouble, don't panic. You do have options. I would say, don't turn to new credit cards unless you absolutely have to. Especially if you're going to use it to borrow cash. Credit card companies charge you ridiculous interest-rates on cash loans.

There's another option and we've talked about it before. You guessed it.

Payday loans.

If you encounter a situation where you need emergency cash, fast and you just don't have it for whatever reason, you can rely on quick loans online through Web sites like PaycheckATM.com, and TitleAndPaydayLoans.com.

They are really easy to get and there's no shame in using these options. Payday loans are used by lots of people and one of the requirements is that you have a steady job.

There's a few things to keep in mind when considering these options. I'll do my best to outline them for you.

  • Payday loans are short-term cash advances. You usually have to repay the loan in 30 days or less. If you think you're not going to be able to do this, then find another option because that's where folks get into trouble.
  • That being said, don't use these quick cash loans for your satellite bill or for that sweet plasma TV you've been keeping your eye on. Use it for EMERGENCY things like medical bills, veterinary bills, house-related bills (rent, utility, mortgage).
  • Only take what you can pay back. There's usually a 15% fee (if you borrow $100, you'll owe $115). If you know that your next paycheck is going to be about $300, don't borrow $700 and just hope that you're going to get it back somehow before the loan is due. That's a huge mistake.
  • If you have to resort to these types of loans, chances are you lost track of your financial plan or goal so get back on it. Start saving, leave the debit card at home, buy cheaper groceries, stop dining out, get the most out of your car trips to save on gas and cancel your "luxury bills" (satellite/cable, netflix/gamefly, XM/Sirius, naughty web sites...etc...).
WhichPayDayLoan.com offers some reviews and more advice on the matter. Check it out, I just found it the other day while researching the topic.

Title Car loans are other options, very similar to payday loans.
You can review that information in some of my previous blog posts or at Web sites like:



Seven years later

This kind of post is a day late (I had a pretty busy day yesterday, looking for jobs) but...Sept. 12 was almost a little more eerie than Sept. 11, seven years ago. Don't you think?

What were you guys doing on that fateful day? I don't think I'll ever have strange feelings associated with that day, it's definitely the JFK assassination of our generation.

I have my own opinions on the tragedy and think there are a lot questions that have been left unanswered by our government.

Loose Change is a very interesting indie documentary about some of these questions. The makers of the film are bold enough to propose that the entire event was an inside job. There's a whole grassroots movement devoted to spreading awareness and who demand answers to these questions; I'm sure many of you have seen stickers or graffiti with their "9/11 was an inside job" motto.

I'm not going to pretend that I know for sure, one way or the other. What I think is the most important about that movement is the quest for truth and, like I said, the answering of many many open questions.



Whats so great about title loans?

So you've decided to get an Auto Title Loan. Many of your friends might tell you you're making a bad decision but actually, there are some great advantages to using your car as collateral for a short-term loan, especially if you need quick cash.

First of all, obtaining a title loan is a fairy easy process. There are several Web sites out there like www.TitleAndPaydayLoans.com and www.AutoCashUSA.com. You fill out a really basic form and submit it to the site. A representative at a loan store near you will call you to confirm some details about yourself and your car and if everything is in order, your loan is granted. It's quick and easy.

Got a bad credit history? Don't worry about it. As long as you own the title to your car, the loan is guaranteed cash...because they're basing it off the value of your car. If anything happens and you don't pay the loan back...well...if you haven't figured out what will happen, keep reading to find out.

Nowadays, you can keep your car through the duration of the loan and as long as you pay it back, they won't take it away. Keep in mind, that's a really really important step. PAY IT BACK or you'll be getting used to your city's public transportation system. There's no shame in riding the bus (I do it all the time), I'm just saying...pay the dang loan back.

Loan periods are no longer than 30 days which means these loans should be used sparingly and for short-term financial solutions....hospital bills, vet bills, rent....etc. Its just the right kind of loan for that situation.


phew! I'm back online!

well, it's certainly nice to be connected to the rest of the world again.

I'm going to write a longer post today I just thought I'd take the chance right now to say hello again.



taking a little vacation

I'm taking a vacation over the next couple of weeks but I'll still be posting sporadically. I'll have my iPhone on me.



"Sin Stocks" on top during recession times

Here's a great article on some companies who are actually doing quite well during these hard and trying times....wouldn't you know? It's the alcohol, cigarette, candy and gambling industries!

I found this on walletpop.com:

LONDON (Aug. 12) - As a global recession looms, what better way to cope than to eat, drink and be merry?

Even as consumers face soaring energy costs, rising food prices and higher mortgages or rent, it seems clear they're not prepared to forgo many of life's little treats - alcohol, cigarette and candy makers are all reporting healthy sales amid the gloom.
"I would never give it up, not unless I was dying of alcohol poisoning or something," said Kelly Piggeln, a 62-year-old retired nanny, as she indulged in her favorite two vices of a cigarette and a glass of wine on the patio of a London bar.
I definitely fit the description. If there's one thing I always make room for in my weekly budget its my favorite vice... alcohol! In the fridge at home, there's a nice 12-pack of Sol just waiting for me and my bottle opener. Mmmmmmmmm...Sol.



fixies at the olympics

Speaking of Olympic mania...here are the times for the Track events taking place between August 15-19 at the Laoshan Velodrome.

Check it out!

what a beautiful track!


olympic mania

I'm totally hooked on the 2008 Beijing Olympics! I can't remember being this into the games. 4 years ago, I really didn't even care that much. The opening ceremony...I mean...it was so amazing that I can't even really describe it. I'm having a hard time finding videos which sucks because I want to watch it again and I wanted to share it on my blog.

And last night...holy crap.
The 400 freestyle relay. Michael Phelps's second gold medal (of the eight he's trying to nab) is on the line. It's not looking so good for the US team, with the French swimmer Alain Bernard in the lead...but then...miraculously...Lezak, the oldest man on the U.S. swimming team, pulled off one of the great comebacks in Olympic history, hitting the wall just ahead of Bernard. Just BARELY made it.

It was so exciting I literally jumped up out of my seat. I couldn't believe it.

I'm officially hooked.
You should be too.



one-stop lending, PETA and more....

Sorry for the light blogging, I've had a rather busy week and haven't had a chance to sit down and pour out some thoughts.

I can only hope that the day will come when I don't have to write posts like this anymore, but I can't stress enough how important it is for consumers to know what they're buying. In terms of cash advances and payday loans, the market is so saturated with lending services that to borrow money so blindly can potentially put yourself at great risk. Not researching your lender is doing yourself a great disservice.

What I'm getting at is...there are many Web sites that offer fast cash options..but not all of them actually fund the money. Many of these sites work with brokers, who sell your information to other lenders. So...you're not really getting a loan from www.whatevergenericpaydayloansite.com but from whomever they've decided to sell your information to. Even worse, very sensitive information has been sold to another company. That sort of thing just can't be trusted.

Instead, choose a one-stop lending service. Who will fund your payday loan themselves. Sites like www.autocashusa.com, www.paycheckatm.com, www.usapaydaylenders.com, and www.titleandpaydayloans.com are all excellent examples of Web sites who are also the bank. You can trust that they won't sell your sensitive info to some unknown source.

One should always strive to really investigate the world around them, especially when we live in such a scheming shyster-filled world. I have a similar story, that's not directly related but just goes to show you how a little bit of research can reveal a lot.

As you may or may not know, I'm a die-hard vegan. The food, the clothes, everything in my life is as animal-friendly as possible. One day, a myspace friend posted a bulletin with link to the Web site, Peta Kills Animals. The site makes claims about how the radical animal rights organization (which I support) is actually a group of murdering liars who kill and mistreat animals.

I thought to myself...."this can't be true, can it?" It just doesn't make sense...and after doing just a little tiny bit of research I figure out that it really doesn't make sense. It's a farce. Peta Kills Animals is funded by the Center for Consumer Freedom. If you visit that site on Wikipedia (link included above) you would discover that it is a lobbying organization arguing against the dangers of smoking, the unhealthiness of red meat, and who fought to keep blood alcohol levels of drivers at 0.10 percent. They also argue that the obesity epidemic is a myth and that we actually are not the fattest most unhealthiest nation in the world.

Now...one might ask themselves, "how is any of this stuff relevant to their activism against PETA, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Greenpeace and the Humane Society?" Just look at what Wikipedia writes about who finances the Center for Consumer Freedom.

CCF is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit organization. As such it does not disclose the identity of its funders. However, some information is available from statements made by CCF and its funders, and on yearly IRS Form 990 filings.

Initial funding for the Guest Choice Network organization came from Philip Morris, with the initial donation of $600,000 followed by a $300,000 donation the following year. Philip Morris attorney Marty Barrington wrote in a 1996 internal company memorandum: "As of this writing, PM USA is still the only contributor, though Berman continues to promise others any day now." [27] By December, 1996, supporters included Alliance Gaming (slot machines), Anheuser-Busch (beer), Bruss Company (steaks and chops), Cargill Processed Meat Products, Davidoff (cigars), Harrah's (casinos), Overhill Farms (frozen foods), Philip Morris, and Standard Meat Company (steaks). The group's advisory panel comprised representatives from most of these companies, plus further representatives from the restaurant industry, Senator George McGovern, and Carl Vogt of law firm Fulbright & Jaworski[28]

In subsequent years, GCN acquired more donors, but was still largely funded by large corporations. The IRS Form 990 for the six-month period from July to December 1999 shows income for that period was $111,642, of which $105,000 came from six unnamed donors. Form 990s for the Center for Consumer Freedom are available for years 2002-2004 on the GuideStar website.[29][30][31] For the last available year, 2004, revenues were $3.6 million, while expenses reached $3.25 million.

By 2005 the group reported having over 1,000 individual supporters[9][3] and, according to Berman, about 100 corporate supporters[32] Other companies that have publicly acknowledged making donations to CCF include Coca-Cola; Wendy's; Tyson Foods; and Pilgrim's Pride.
So now we see who's really behind PetaKillsAnimals and argues that red meat is really quite good for you? The meat industry! Who's behind the arguments against the dangers of smoking? The cigarette industry?

That's just what it is...corporate lobbying to spread misinformation for their own financial benefit. Groups like PETA and MADD pose a threat to the meat and alcohol industry and they simply can't be trusted to dispense medical facts. I felt empowered after doing my research and had the knowledge to fight back that nonsense my soon to be ex myspace friend was talking.

The moral of the story is...always...no matter what you're buying or getting into...get on the internet and RESEARCH!



radio lab

I just discovered my new favorite thing. I've been a big fan of public radio programming for years and this love was only solidified during my four years at University, where I was a volunteer radio host/DJ in my spare time.

Yes...it's still cool to be a college radio DJ. In fact, I'd say its cooler now than ever. I wish I was still into radio and who knows? Maybe one day I'll crawl my way back in.

Until then I'll dream and listen to shows about... why I'm dreaming...why I'm sleeping, why I'm laughing. Why ants walk in a line. About the absurdity of zoos. About space and time. About science, life, culture and what makes everything tick.

It's called RADIO LAB. It's the science program I've always wanted, so easy to digest and so interesting that it leaves you wanting more. The production and writing is so smart and its absolutely fascinating. I urge you to download a podcast (very easy if you have iTunes) and give Radio Lab a try.


journalism 101...check your facts

A few others on the Blogosphere have caught this story and I thought I'd spread the word too.

I know one of the first things they teach you in Journalism schools is how important it is to check your facts. Fact checking is like...THE fundamental element to quality journalism and one would think that this is just common sense? Right? Journalists should strive to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth.....right?

Well I know that's a load of baloney and unfortunately, The Sacramento Bee has made a great example of themselves. I say that's unfortunate because I have had, in the past, great sentiments for The Bee.

I'm disappointed that their reporter, Claudia Buck, didn't do her homework with her piece, "The Downturn: For many in military, finances are a battlefield"

Buck used everybody's favorite buzz word "predatory lending" to call out and blame payday loans for many of the financial problems that many members of the US military have been experiencing.

Well, Ms. Buck, you totally ignored the fact that, as of October 1, 2007, payday lenders do not lend to military personnel. I'd hate to assume that you deliberately ignored that fact when writing your piece so get your facts straight!

Read the story after the jump, above.



riding your bike is NOT a crime

everyone's talking about this video and i'm doing my part to spread the word.
if you could, do the same. show your friends and family. let this asshole's example pave the way for change.




wanna save $500 a month?

Yahoo-Finance posted some quick tips from ConsumerReports.org...

Here's one of my favorites...

Stop Paying Bank Fees
Average savings: $25

The American Bankers Association says 52 percent of consumers spend nothing on bank fees each month. But somebody's paying fees, and lots of them, because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. says banks collected $39 billion in account fees and penalties last year. That works out to an average of $28 per month per household. But with some planning, you can pay zero.

How to Do It

Bank at a large institution with lots of ATMs in convenient locations to avoid the cost of using other banks' machines—as much as $4 per withdrawal. And use the no-fee cash-back option at supermarkets.
Shop for free checking and strictly adhere to provisions for a minimum balance, direct deposit, or other conditions to avoid monthly fees. Keep track of checks, withdrawals, and debits to avoid overdraft fees averaging $27.

See how much an average overdraft fee costs?
$27. I know I've paid more than that before.

You know...the loans from Web sites like paycheckatm.com only cost about 15% of your loan. So if it comes to paying $27 in overdraft fees or paying $15 to get a $100 cash advance, it seems smarter to go with the lower number.

That reminds me!!

I just read this morning. Payday loans from sites like paycheckatm.com and usapaydaylenders.com can now lend up to $1200. It might not say so on the Web site, but I'm pretty sure the offer will be available when you apply.



financial abuse

Alright so... I'm feeling philosophical. bare with me.

If you think about it for a minute, there's one sin that almost the entire human race commits...every day.

Abuse....of everything.
resources. power. food. drugs and alcohol. other people...

In a way, its a natural thing, especially if you think of humans as animals. We share many characteristics of all other animals and we have the same essential needs: eat. survive. reproduce.

Animals do it too. A pack of wolves will fight and kill in fierce bloody territory disputes. A pod of dolphins will attack and rape wandering rouges. Baby birds will kill the smallest hatchling to compete for food. Wasps will destroy an entire colony of honeybees and eat the larvae. Humans pretty much do the same thing. We invade countries, steal their resources, lie, cheat and do whatever is necessary to "win the race," so to speak.

I don't really like to think of myself as part of this wild-animal picture I just painted and what gives me hope is the one thing that sets up apart from the wild and crazy animal kingdom: Our big huge noggin!

We're supposed to be smarter than dogs, dolphins, baby birds and wasps, right? We can think things out and weigh the consequences between right and wrong. We're supposed to have this great thing called CONSCIENCE, and if you watched Pinnochio as a kid, like you're supposed to, you'd know about this wondrous thing.

I try to listen to my conscience as often as possible...usually it's spot on. It's a nice way to guide myself to the right choices in life and when I do something wrong, I usually know what kind of trouble I'm getting into. Looking back on all my mistakes, I always knew I'd be setting myself up for a consequence of some sort.

So you see...your conscience is kind of like your own little personal psychic. If you listen well enough, it can kind of tell you about the future outcomes of your actions.

I applied this method of thinking to many aspects of my life. Three years ago, it led to my veganism. I absolutely couldn't continue supporting the meat and dairy industry after listening to the list of moral and physical consequences that come along with the consumption of animals.

It's why I try to ride my bike and take public transportation as much as possible.

And it's also what totally saved my behind when I was in serious financial trouble, not too long ago. I simplified everything and thought about all my spending habits as right or wrong choices. Thinking critically about my decisions, I was able to seriously cut my spending and get myself back on track. It's really important to think about your financial choices like this and constantly weigh the consequences of your monetary actions.

Should I buy that huge TV? How much money will I have left over to pay my bills and buy food?

Do I need to take out another loan? Is it the right time to take on another huge debt or can I figure out other ways to achieve my financial goals? Thinking things through will always help you find the right answer. Write a list and actually weigh the consequences on paper so you can see which path will produce the best results.

Even if you don't think you're making the wrong decisions, we might always find ourselves in a bind. Life gets random all the time but we do have resources to help counter those little wrenches that get tossed in the mix.

Sites like PaycheckATM.com and TitleandPayDayLoan.com are perfect examples of this kind of help.

Like any other loan, its important you think about what you're getting into before going through with it. Get your research done (by using sites like www.cfsa.net) and find out the right course of action for yourself.

Payday loans have a bad rep because so many people abuse them. Think about what you're going to do and how you're going to pay the loan back, make sure you have a plan and follow through with it. You'll be fine.

Apply that style of thinking to other areas of your life and it'll work wonders for you.


just in case you forgot...DON'T!!!!

don't forget how awesome RAPTOR JESUS is.

also...i was flipping channels at my girlfriend's parents house the other day and I caught the tail end of the GRINDHOUSE intermission fake movie trailers...inbetween Planet Terror and Death Proof.

these two are so awesome.


THANKSGIVING (this one's totally rated R...you've been warned)


yes! kermit rides fixed

found on the Southsea Fixed Gear Fight Club

love it.



Bikers vs Cops


Here's a great article about what the Police are doing in Portland, Oregon...a city with a huge bicycle community. Also a great blog!

I'm not sure how I feel about this. The author reports that "8 motor vehicle operators were stopped (all were given warnings) and 53 'bicycle operators' were stopped. Of those, 51 received warnings and 2 were written up for citations (for 'egregious behavior')."

I like the fact that they're trying to get more bicyclists to obey the rules of the road. I'm definitely guilty of taking advantage of being on a bike but I try to follow the rules as much as I can. If I expect people driving cars to respect the rules so that I can feel safe on the road, I have to lead by example, you know?

Still, that ratio is totally off. 8 to 53? Come on...there's got to be something wrong with those numbers. I think they should get cops on bikes to see just how much crap we have to deal with. Or move it to a busier street.


i'm moving soon!

My girlfriend and two friends have finally decided on a place to live. Thanks to one of the guys being unemployed and my girlfriend considers herself self-employed, we were denied a couple of our first choices...but in the end, we ended up a nice little 3 bedroom. My girlfriend and I get the master bedroom (sweeeet).

I almost missed out on the deposit money. I had one of those close-call moments where I thought I might have had to call on www.paycheckatm.com again to spot me just a few bucks. Ultimately, I was able to pay the deposit money because I got some extra freelance work in the nick of time.

There's absolutely no shame in using a company like paycheckatm.com or autocashusa.com. I mean, if you're in a sticky situation like that where it's imperative that you get this money paid...what else can you do really? My parents live across the country, it's not like they can give me a loan...and my friends are in the same financial situation as I am, so I can't really ask them.

That's why these companies exist, you know? It's for middle-classers like us who need a little help here and there. With that kind of understanding, there's no shame in taking advantage of the cash advance system. Especially if you consider what I discussed a few posts ago about how it doesn't affect your credit score.

Going on a little neighborhood bike race this weekend. I probably won't win but I'm expecting lots of fun and hopefully no scraped knees.

One day...I'll figure out how to do this trick...

If anyone wants to teach me, pleeease tell me what to do!



ouch! fixie crashes.

this video is cool.
lesson learned: don't piss off bikers....especially in poland.



A perfect example for useful payday loans!

Today, my nephew called me with some troubling news. I mean, I guess it's not that bad but it's troubling enough for him. I know him pretty well to know that this kind of a phone call meant something bad had happened.

Like I said, nothing serious. The boy just needed a few bucks to help him get through the week, and until payday. He's too embarrassed to ask his Dad, my brother, and honestly..I don't blame him. I know my brother well, he wouldn't have been too happy about that kind of a call.

Without hesitation, I wired him a small loan just to help him get food and gas. He's fresh out of college and he's finding that the life of a post-graduate is not so glorious after all. I found out that too, but the economy wasn't as bad when I left college.

Besides the fact that he's my brother's son, he lives in an area where he can't really get access to this sort of thing... otherwise I would've sent him to www.paycheckatm.com. I can't harp on this enough. If you're in a bind and need to get out of it, use that web site.

It's quick and easy and if you've been reading my posts, you'll know by now that there's no harm done to your credit...so long as you pay the loan back...which we all know you will, right?

This discussion brings me to another topic I've been thinking about posting. Remember how I talked about my nephew's geographic problem? Soon, that's going to be a thing of the past. There's a web site out there that's changing everything.

is literally going to revolutionize the industry of payday loans by bringing it into a true internet dimension. Sites like PayCheckATM.com and AutoCashUSA.com are very useful and time-saving because the automatically send your application to a location that processes it. All you have to do is show up, sign and collect the cashh.

But with USAPayDayLenders, users will have a fully automated web expeience. The site has the ability to process applications and grant funds, which really changes everything. I've been searching up and down for a few weeks now and I really can't find anything. I'm convinced, this web site is going to set a new precedent and pave the way for a revolution in the payday loan industry.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information about that, I'll break it to you as soon as I know any more but if you guys out in blog-land hear anything, make sure to let me know.

BTW...the time has finally come. The new mods to my bike are almost ready. I can't wait to show you guys!



new design!

hey guys!
i changed my blog up a bit. any comments are appreciated. i'm new to this blog design thing but i think i'm figuring it out pretty well. thoughts??



Let's put a smile on that face...

The Dark Knight = The Best Movie of the YEAR.

I was really blown away by this film. I saw the 10:20 screening last night and when it finished around 1a.m., I was only disappointed that it was over. I didn't want it to end.

I was really mad because I had arrived late and was forced to sit in the very front. My neck hurt and I missed out on a lot of the action. Looks like I'll be seeing it again with my dad! (yahoo!!!!)

As a bonus, I was treated to three beautiful trailers.
The Day The Earth Stood Still (a remake of my favorite '50s Sci-Fi film)

Terminator: Salvation (wow. this sequel actually looks good. or at least, way better than Rise of the Machines)

WATCHMEN (YES YES YES! THE FREAKING WATCHMEN LOOKS SOO GOOD! and from the director of 300! not only my favorite graphic novel...my favorite novel, period.)

By the way....a little birdy told me you could watch Batman online.
I dunno, I haven't really tried it but...maybe someone out there might like to see if its legit or not?



Do payday loans hurt your credit?

This post is in response to a comment I received on July 16.
Jonas Jackson said...

You seem to know a lot about the payday loan industry and sites like paycheckatm.com, what kind of people use this service and is it only people with bad credit? Is it safe? Will it hurt or help my credit? This information is for a friend of mine (wink, wink).

I suspected the answer but I did a little research just to be sure.
It turns out that they actually do not hurt your credit.

Many people turn to these loans because they have either no or poor credit ratings but they certainly don't drive your credit score down. It seems like many people believe that by taking out a cash advance, or even by simply applying, your credit score will decrease.

That is absolutely false.

What can and will bring down your credit score is if you're a bad boy or girl and don't pay your loans back. Keep in mind that like any other loan, you must pay it back. Neglecting your loan payments almost always has negative results, if you know what I mean.

Nothing in life is free and a loan is a loan, any way you slice it, so.... pay it back...promptly.
And then you'll be fine!



kissing and making up with apple

So....last week when the new iPhone 3G launched, I had my own launch...into a tirade about how much Apple sucks.

Well I still think they're pretty dumb for being so strict about iPhone sales but I must be completely honest....the new iPhone 2.0 software redeems them.

The App Store and the introduction of applications is revolutionary and has already improved my mobile life in so many ways. I can't wait to see the future of this feature.

Right now, I'm rocking a few of the free apps. I'm broke, remember? I can't buy any of the fancier ones right now. I'll make a list of some of the coolest ones.

Pocket Lint
Actually, this one isn't free and it's the only one i purhcased. It's just basically a virtual checkbook. It's simple and easy so it's totally worth the $4. You set up your accounts (checking, savings, whatever) and add or subtract transactions. It's a really nice and affordable way to keep track of your finances. There's a more expensive version for $10 called PocketMoney. That one definitely looks cool, you can do pie charts and it has multiple currency support for frequent travelers. I'd get it if I wasn't on a tight budget.

If any of you have visited Pandora.com and used their intuitive internet radio, you probably love. I do and now you can get it on your iPhone. Imagine...driving in your car, you can't think of what to listen to...plug in your iPhone and switch on the Pandora app. The music streams incredibly well, even over the edge network (which is great for people like me who didn't upgrade to the 3G phone).

Myspace/Facebook etc...
Myspace and Facebook both launched apps for the iPhone, and there are several other neat social networking apps that use maps and stuff. Not really new or different but very convenient for iPhone users who've had to use the generic website. It makes mobile networking easy.

Finally! I can chat with my friends when I'm on the go. Great program but I'm hoping that Adium releases an app soon. Come on guys!

This is actually very useful. It lights up a dark room really well and can switch to different colors: red, green and blue. It also has a neat strobe light feature. If you're ever in the mood for a rave, just switch it on.

May the force be with you. This app is totally useless but it's absolutely the best waste of time ever invented. Now I can whip out a lightsaber of my choice and have it out with a friend or co-worker. Really cool and free, so what do you have to loose? Unleash the inner StarWars geek within.

Pretty self-explanatory. Just really really useful.

Ever find yourself in a situation where you've got a song stuck in your head, you know how it goes, but you don't know the name or the artist? Or maybe you heard something good on the radio and you want to find out who the artist is...Well, this app is PERFECT and really AWESOME. All you do is either sing or hum your song into the phone OR you can hold your phone up to a speaker. Give it about 20 seconds worth of music and the app will tell you (or try to tell you) what song it is. GENIOUS!!!!

There are hundreds and hundreds of more applications out there and a good number of cheap financial tools. There's budget planners, loan calculators and more that might help you get a hold of your finances. Check it out. Point your iPhone, if you have one, to the app store.



payday loans get a performance check

As I've mentioned beore, the payday loan industry has seen steady growth over the last 20 years. There are many reasons this is happening and I could dedicate an entire post to them but I'd like to focus in on perhaps the biggest reason: Dissatisfaction with traditional lending practices.

In a survey I read, the only thing that beat paydayloans in customer satisfaction was overdraft protection. The same survey showed that they were actually more popular than home equity loans, credit cards, or bank/credit union loans....now granted, these are two very different types of loans but still...more and more people are turning to cash advances when they need financial assistance.

Donald Morgan, economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, argues that government bans on payday loans lead to more people bouncing checks, filing for bankruptcy and fighting with collectors.

He sites a great success story as an example. In 2003, Hawaii eased their payday loan limits. This resulted in a sharp decrease in the amount of problems with borrowers and lenders in that state. Most consumers were able to get their loan resolved in a month instead of several months. The state of Hawaii has also enjoyed a decline in bankruptcy filings.

Interest rates on overdrafts charged by credit unions and banks and exceed 2000%....that's worse than even those bogus interest rate numbers people like to throw around when criticizing payday and title loans.

To be completely frank, the demand and lasting influence and power of the payday and title loan industry really speaks for itself.

If you're in the market for a this kind of loan, www.PayCheckATM.com is a great place so start. They're linked up with hundreds of respectable lenders across the nation.

Paycheck...a really bad movie.
PaycheckATM.com....a really good Web site.



apple sucks!

I use Apple products. I own several Macs. I have an iPhone.

I love their products...but I HATE their logic. It just makes me shake my head.
Its my girlfriend's birthday and for a month, I've been waiting for this day to get her the new 3G iPhone. So I was standing in line for 2 hours this morning, got a decent place in line, then an Apple Store cheerleader shows up and announces the process of buying an iPhone.

The bottom line is...I can't buy the damn phone for my girlfriend...I can only buy it for myself! They MAKE you activate when you buy it (no wonder the line was moving so slow). When I told the Apple employee my situation, all she had to say was "Well, you can get her a gift card for $199 and she can come in and buy it."

Yeah...I'm going to give my girlfriend of 5 years a bloody gift card.


Where is the logic in this? I mean, it seems like they don't want people reselling the iPhone to other countries. I don't understand why they even care. One would assume that Apple would want as many sales as possible. I don't see what the big deal is.

I've been researching the web to try and figure out if I can buy it for myself, activate it for me, then deactivate it, re-activate my older iPhone, then give it to my girlfriend to activate for her service. I don't know....we'll wait and see if anyone answers my yahoo answers post.

If anything, I guess I'll just get her the damn gift card.

C'est la vie!



Get out of that revolving door!

You hear me talking about the benefits of using payday and title loans all the time but I think its important to understand that you should definitely NOT get into the habit of using these on a regular basis.

Here's a great post I found about this subject. The author, who claims he is the owner of a payday loan store, describes the pitfalls of the industry and what you can do to avoid getting into a revolving door situation. These are some great tips and you should give it a read.

Stop Lying to Yourself. Get Rid of Your Payday Loan!

Most people have already realized that when our finances are in order, everything else around us, including our relationships, just seems so much richer. In fact, getting out of debt might just save a relationship!

If you are in the habit of getting repeated payday loans or direct deposit advances, I hope you are seeing that you are falling into serious financial trouble. First, you are getting a payday loan or cash advance because most likely your credit is shot. A payday loan is ultimately your last resort in obtaining fast cash. You're not alone. The 'no credit check' payday loan industry has grown to a 14 billion dollar a year industry because many folks have nowhere else to turn sometimes. When you’re credit-challenged, the payday loan industry is there for you, but will charge you a higher interest rate for a payday loan than you would pay for a longer-term loan.

If you’re a person who has always had trouble managing your personal finances, and in turn you now have bad credit, you are not a bad person. You are simply a person who has the habit of making bad financial decisions. Payday loan companies market themselves by providing emergency cash and many of us can consider almost anything an emergency. The fact of the matter is, unlike other emergencies we have in our lives, this is one we have created ourselves.

While writing this article I speak from experience. As an owner of a payday loan store, both online and brick and mortar, I was very involved with my customers. When a customer repeated time and time again, we would have them use the fees to pay down their loan. When their loan was paid in full, 9 times out of 10 they would return to get another loan. I spent endless hours trying to get my customer back on track. Many of these people repeated and many learned to stay away. There were so many people getting loans. The demand outweighed supply. We had no problem finding payday loan customers. Most people getting a payday loan or direct deposit cash advance have the power to get themselves back on track.

In each article I publish, I want to give you helpful hints so you can get back on track. So keep visiting this website for answers to more than your short-term cash problems.

Here are some new tips that will get you back on track. Remember, if you can't measure it, you can't manage it.

    1. Write down your monthly expenses. Now write down how much money you take home monthly. It sounds easy and that's because it is. Be accurate when doing it and don't lie to yourself. Don't write down what it could be, write down what it truly is. It would surprise you how many people either never took the time to do this or just don't want to know. If you don't start here, your life will continue to be one financial crisis after another.
    2. Buy a small pocket notepad. Write down everything you buy. It should be very detailed. It should include Coke, coffee, gum, cigarettes, lunches, etc. You'd be surprised how those little things will add up. This is only the start; you will need to create the habit of doing this daily.
    3. Evaluate each area in which you spend. If you are eating out, write down how much you are spending. Once you see how much you are spending, you will need to make the necessary steps to cut it back or eliminate it for some time. For example, if you bought one soda a day for 30 days it would cost you about $30. If you buy your sodas in larger quantity at the supermarket it might only cost about $7 for those same 30 sodas. You could save about $23 just in soda. The same would apply to coffee. When you brew your own, it’s so much cheaper.
    4. Evaluate your rent. Are you living in a place you can't afford? If so, then what are your options?
    5. Can you cut back on your utilities? What unnecessary use of water, electricity, heat could you cut out of your budget?
    6. Are you stuck in a car with high payments and high interest? What can you do to get out of it?
    7. Gas is up to almost $4.00 per gallon; could you carpool or move closer to your work?
    8. This is a tough one even for me: habits or addictions. Cigarettes, chewing tobacco, alcohol, pornography, and more. This will absolutely break us. We all need to get our addictions under control. My addiction is chewing tobacco. Does anyone know that a can of chewing tobacco is $8 or more? These addictions will rob you of your health and finances. Pornography robs your soul, finances, and relationships.
    9. Most of us get into these financial jams because of our lust for more. It's easy getting into debt but it's hard getting out of it. Don't blame anyone for your situation; not payday lenders, friends, society, no one. You need to take personal responsibility for your debts.
    10. Although getting out of debt is a challenge, make it fun. Get online and find some resources. Get out your notebook and start writing. Just get tough with yourself. You don't have to become a tightwad; no one likes a tightwad. You will need to start creating new habits. It takes six weeks to create a new habit.
    11. Start giving. "What?? I'm broke!" Giving is a principle. Start small, $20 a month sponsors a child, or find an organization to give to, but do it monthly without fail. Within my family's financial plan, giving is part of our budget. The rewards are awesome!!
    12. As I told you before I was a bricks-and-mortar payday lender. I left that market place and started Spotya! Cash. We are a licensed lender with a philosophy and a program in accord with every state’s laws. We are adhere to the strict guidelines recommended by the CFSA. Some payday loans can cost as much as $30/hundred in fees for 15 days. Spotya! Cash charges $15.00 per $100 for 15 days. That's adds-up to big savings. Especially if you use our services a few times a year. You can save money using Spotya! Cash that can be used to pay down your debt. In no time at all you can work toward your financial freedom.
    13. Tell a couple friends or family members what you're doing. Have them check in on you from time to time and make sure they hold you accountable to your financial plan.
    14. Remember, if you're not willing to make the necessary sacrifices to get debt free, you will always be struggling financially.

If you never take the time to write down everything you spend, your goal to become debt free will never be reached. Writing everything down empowers you because always know right where you're at.

We are bombarded daily with some new thing or pleasure that we "need to have". I'm personally guilty of it just as much as anyone else. As you become honest with yourself, you’ll get very good at deciding just whether you really need that new gadget, the latest model car, that new dress that is “now in style.” If you can’t find a way to fit it into your budget, maybe you should just consider not buying it. Wait until better times. It’s more important to get yourself back on track and not fall into debt again.

Hope this helps. For more information make sure you're checking out www.PayCheckATM.com.



payday loan myths revealed!

I've kind of always known but I didn't realize the staggering criticism against payday and title loans. There's a lot of doo-doo going around and it's truly, just that.

Biggest Myth #1. Payday lenders take advantage of low income families and minorities
Biggest Myth #2. Payday loans are extremely expensive and have ballooned interest rates

It seems like there are some entities out there who intentionally spread incorrect information about the payday/title loan business. Just give the CFSA website a look to find out for yourself.


The FACT is, payday loan customers are proven to have steady income across the board. In fact, it's a bloody requirement. Studies show that the average payday loan customer’s income ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 annually and 94% have high school diploma or better with 56% having some college or a full degree. That pretty much describes middle-class America. Me, you and everyone (or mostly everyone) we know.

And remember...payday loans are two-week loans....not annual. See USAPayDayLenders.com to see for yourself. The typical fee charged by lenders is $15 per every $100 borrowed...15% for the two-week duration. Stating that interest rates are as high as 400% apr is true.....IF THE LOAN LASTS AN ENTIRE YEAR. Someone's stretching the truth a little too much I think...that's an impossible number in the world of payday and title loans, especially since most lenders don't allow rollovers...and the ones who do only allow 4 max! See!!!

Don't believe the hype.
If you need it, don't hesitate to think about a payday or title loan.

Check it!
RPM Lenders

TitleLoanSites.com....a new site with descriptions of the top three title loan sites and lots of helpful links and other resources about Title Loans.



Good Debt/Bad Debt: Getting a Handle on Your Money

I really love Wikipedia.
They have a very interesting article on "debt."

"Debt allows people and organizations to do things that they would otherwise not be able, or allowed, to do. Commonly, people in industrialised nations use it to purchase houses, cars and many other things too expensive to buy with cash on hand."

That's a pretty standard definition. I wish it were that simple and if you click on the link to read the article, you'll get an understanding of how complicated and complex is. Even religions have something to say about it...

"Islam forbids lending with interest even today, while the Catholic church allowed it from 1822 onwards, and the Torah states that all debts should be erased every 7 years and every 50 years."

Super interesting stuff...there's even an entire article on Islamic Banking.

See? It just goes on and on...I love Wikipedia...it's the greatest, most educating time-waster. Especially when you're at work! (just don't tell my boss!)

Many of us consider debt a negative force, a consequence of bad decision-making and the source of all stress. I mean, who doesn't feel good about the idea of erasing all of our debt? I'd love that!

As we all know that's a totally unrealistic scenario (don't believe the ending for Fight Club, debts can't be erased by blowing up credit card buildings), find some comfort in the positive aspects of debt. With the proper management a debt can build and/or improve your credit which is definitely necessary in today's world. When I finished college, I immediately acquired a debt - my student loan. It's a great debt to carry around because the interest rate is low and fixed and my monthly payments are low. I never have a problem paying it and it's going to be around for the next 10 years, so my credit score can always rely on that. I also bought an affordable car, another good debt to carry around. I was able to make consistent payments.

I don't have that car anymore but I'll save that for another post.

Where I ran into trouble was with my credit cards. I've since had to slice them up. I'm still paying two cards back, one of which I had completely paid off, only to misuse my way back up to $1000+ debt. I'm making good progress on these cards, especially since I joined a credit union and consolidated them into one single, low interest credit card.

If you work for a company that offers credit union membership, for Pete's sake, JOIN! I joined, got my low-interest credit card with a balance transfer and even though I don't work for the company anymore, I'll be a member until the day I die. My girlfriend was even allowed to sign up under me. She's going to be a member forever as well. DO IT!!!!

I'm getting off track. There are several new loans out there that shouldn't be confused with that "predatory" buzz word. Taking out small affordable loans, like Title Loans, can be an easy and safe way to resolve issues of needing immediate money, when need be.

AutoCashUSA.com has more information available on the matter.

Title loans are paid back through inexpensive monthly premiums. The borrower uses his/her automobile as collateral for the loan. A great variable about title loans is that the borrower can keep their car through the duration of the loan. Managing your daily spending habits will help you stay afloat for the during and payback of the loan. Another way to manage your loan is to pay more than the monthly premium, which cuts down your interest and pays off the loan quicker. Payday loans work similarly, and you can read more about this at USAPayDayLenders.com

Paying debt back in a timely fashion is a sure-fire way to establish great credit.



credit discrimination

With the onset of e-commerce and online banking, online loans are becoming a more popular area of today's lending industry. Because of the nature of most online loans and their applications, one will never have to worry about credit discrimination. It makes no difference how you're paid or what kind of job you have, you can qualify regardless of credit score. In fact, instant loans require very little paperwork. Typically, all you will need to get a loan are a drivers license or state issued ID, a bank Statement with current checking account and proof of income.

Here's a good example of a typical on-line resume from AutoCashUSA.com, a title lending site.

I did a little research and found out that statistics shows the average payday customer is just like well...myself. The Credit Research Center at Georgetown recently did an analysis on payday loan customers and found out that 94% of payday loan customers have a high school diploma or more. The majority of customers are married with children. A surprising 100% of the payday loan customers have steady jobs and checking accounts, which doesn't surprise me since its part of the application requirements.

Online payday loans easily get you from one paycheck to the next. They are a good short-term solutions when the unexpected happens. Think of it as an emergency. Payments are deposited to your account, sometimes within 24 hours or less. Your loan is automatically added and when the loan is up, the withdrawal comes out of that same account as well (so make sure you've got the proper funds in there).

Related links:


Atlanta Police stalk Critical Mass

here's an iReport for my fellow bicycle brethren. if you've ever participated in a good-sized critical mass, you know you're bound experience run-ins with the cops. if you haven't done critical mass yet...what are you waiting for? get out there! the bigger the better!!!

edit...i took the video down because it keeps loading automatically.
so...its on the iReport page...you can visit it by clicking below.

from http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-40338

After many months of peaceful coexistence, Atlanta police decided to pursue and ticket the monthly Critical Mass bike ride. While other cities have had much more confrontational episodes between police and Critical Mass, Atlanta has usually been a very hospitable town for this loosely organized pro-bicycle demonstration. After an article about Critical Mass appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution after last month's ride, there was a sudden, visible shift in APD policy. A phalanx of police was waiting for the riders at Centennial Olympic Park and dogged them all the way through Midtown, Virginia-Highlands, Little Five Points, and the Old Fourth Ward for an hour. While things didn't get particularly ugly between police and the Mass this time, the sudden interest of the law may mark the beginning of the end of a long-standing friendly (and peaceful) coexistence. After many months of peaceful coexistence, Atlanta police decided to pursue and ticket the monthly Critical Mass bike ride. While other cities have had much more confrontational episodes between police and Critical Mass, Atlanta has usually been a very hospitable town for this loosely organized pro-bicycle demonstration. After an article about Critical Mass appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution after last month's ride, there was a sudden, visible shift in APD policy. A phalanx of police was waiting for the riders at Centennial Olympic Park and dogged them all the way through Midtown, Virginia-Highlands, Little Five Points, and the Old Fourth Ward for an hour. While things didn't get particularly ugly between police and the Mass this time, the sudden interest of the law may mark the beginning of the end of a long-standing friendly (and peaceful) coexistence.



Whats the deal with Title Loans?

"Fast Cash”, “Bad Credit OK!” “Instant Approval!” are phrases you hear all the time with title loans. This is because title loans have an easy application process and quick turn around time to receive money for the loan. Many view these factors and relate them to bad deals, or red flags regarding the lender, understandably so. However, title loans are not as high-risk as you'd think.

A title loan is another kind of short-term loan, usually no longer than 30 days. The borrower’s car title is used to secure the loan. In a title loan agreement if the loan is not repaid, the lender may send out a repo man and gain possession of the car. It's definitely a good idea to repay these loans if you want to keep your ride.

That being said, it's easy to understand why most title loan lenders do not even consider credit at all.

is probably the number 1 site out there for title loans.


Wall-e anyone?

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So many bills!

Prices are rising almost everywhere. Forget inflation. The rising cost of energy is not only driving up prices at the pump, but everywehre else too...Everything must be shipped sooo when it costs more to fuel the trucks that ship stuff...stuff gets more expensive!

In a perfect world, our wages would accommodate these rising prices but this just isn't so. It's what led me to find new work last Spring. I worked for a big corporation and even they couldn't help. I had to resign after they denied me a well-deserved raise.

This whole thing almost seems impossible. What happened to the golden days of the late nineties? At least, it felt like everything was so much better back then. (Maybe it's because I was a teenager!)

Basically, people need to learn how to stop spending so much and grasp the ability to save. This is easier said than done, obviously. What happens when an emergency arises? I like to keep at least $1000 ready to go in case the doo-doo hits the fan.

I'm reluctant to admit however, that sometimes its not so easy to have all that money available. Especially if you're just starting to save money. Life is crazy, you never know what can happen!

There is another way to solve these problems! Payday and title loans are short-term loans that can provide assistance during these trying times. They can be valuable tool. I like what PayCheckATM.com has to offer.

The great thing about these loans is that most of the lenders make them available via the world wide web, the funds are directly deposited into your bank account and some lenders can have the transaction completed within 24 hours.

There are 4 items needed to obtain a payday loan:

A valid driver’s license or state issued ID
An active bank account
Verification of Employment
Verification of residency
You can always find more info here...at the CFSA website.

Or visit a few more lenders to see what I'm talking about.
RPM Lenders.com




Getting my life organized!!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who talks about reorganizing everything on a daily basis. My girlfriend, tired of hearing me complain over and over again, surprised me the other day when she told me to "s**t or get off the pot."

Now I'm always good about paying my bills but sometimes surprises come up even when trying to be as organized as possible. That happens to me sometimes...a bill pops up that I forgot about. The usual culprit is my memory and lack of a reminder system...I'll get an email notification to may my internet bill weeks before its due, i'll trash the e-mail and completely forget.

Then we're stuck with late fees because we had to wait an extra few days to get paid, have the money processed through the bank and actually get the bill taken care of.

I've discovering a quick and fast way to pay your expenses when you need it without having to wait until you get your weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. Payday loans!!!

A payday loan is like a cash advance. It allows you to obtain cash now and pay it back when you actually get paid. Think about the times that you may have to ask Mom or Dad to “borrow” money and “I’ll pay it back when I get paid.” It’s sort of the same concept with payday loans.

The good thing about payday loans is that approval of your loan often takes little to no time to get. Many lenders have it set up to where the money gets deposited directly into your bank account. There you have it, instant cash and immediate access to needed funds.

There is interest that is tagged on to the loan but that's to be expected. It is best to try to pay the loan amount back as quickly as possible. For those that cannot pay the total amount at the time of payday, many lenders have payment options available.

PaycheckATM.com and USAPayDayLenders.com are great places to start.

It's really important to spend some time doing research and compare interest rates per lender. It's much better to get organized, budget out your expenses and determine what is a priority and what is not....like that big screen tv you want that just went on sale at Best Buy. Yeah...probably not a big priority if you haven't been saving up for it.

Here are some other excellent resources you should be checking out if you're thinking about using these services.





Save your gas, ride your bike!

A buddy of mine in South Florida sent me this information. I'm seeing more and more stories like this pop up all over the place. I don't know about you but I think I've found one good thing about the rising cost of fuel.

Check out this story from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

In May, more than 68,000 bikes were loaded onto Broward buses, an increase of nearly 6,000 since March, according to Broward County Transit. The agency did not have comparable numbers on bike ridership for 2007.

Palm Beach County buses also are packed with bike riders, although the numbers aren't tracked, Palm Tran spokeswoman Liliane Agee said.

Ralph Cunningham, 55, started riding his bike to work in Boca Raton years ago to stay healthy. Now, the high gas prices are what motivate him to leave his Chevy Blazer behind at his Oakland Park home.

On weekdays, Cunningham bikes eight miles and rides Tri-Rail to the church where he works in maintenance and food service.

Cunningham said the number of bike commuters on Tri-Rail jumped around the time gas prices hit $3 a gallon.
Its especially awesome in South Florida where pubic transportation has never really been so effective. I have family and friends down there so I know a little about the area.

For those of you unfamiliar with South Florida...it's huge. Systems like the Miami Metro Rail or Broward and Palm Beach bus services, seem to be useful for customers who live further east, closer to the Atlantic Coast and downtown areas...but there are even more folks living in suburbia, out west. For them public transportation can be useless. Especially when you like 20-30 miles West of your office building.

With $4 average gas prices, I think you'll see more and more people taking advantage of new routes. I myself once lived in a similar situation. I was living in the suburbs, about 20 miles from my office building downtown. Luckily for me, there was a bus route about 5 miles from my house. I used to ride to the bus stop, load up the bike, and get bussed all the way east. When it was quitting time, I'd do the same thing going back out West.

This is great for sooo many reasons and can be applied to benefit your financial situation, your health (biking is a great cardiovascular exercise and is also good for your knees and legs...duhh) and environmentally speaking, it's one of the greenest things you can do (especially since many cities are starting to use more efficient, hybrid and/or bio-fuel powered buses.)

check out NYC's fleet of hybrid-diesel buses.

When I took advantage of the bus system, I was going to school AND working so I had to save as much as I could. I've mentioned it before but sites like The Community Financial Services Association of America have more some great tips to get your savings back on track.

Think about it...Instead of spending $60-$70 a week for your car, you can spend less than that amount in a month alone for bus. For example, the Palm Beach bus system's monthly unlimited pass is only $55.

I'm definitely a little more optimistic about the "energy crisis." As far as gas prices are concerned...I say "bring it on." In the end, I think we'll look back and see how it caused us to adapt with all-around better solutions.

Also think about NOT voting for people who think they can solve our energy problems by either shaving a small tax off the price of fuel or by drilling for more oil (and possibly sacrificing environmentally protected areas to do so). Write your leaders and tell them how you feel. Link to my blog post, even!!! :)



More useful information...

i found a couple of videos while browsing around google.
just more information to along with what i was talking about yesterday.

a buddy of mine lent me MASH last night. it's a wicked fixed-gear bike video...those guys in San Fran are NUTS!!!
if only i could move like that! maybe one day....
check out the trailer....



Living Paycheck To Paycheck, And Saving? Hmmmm....

I log in to my bank account daily, for obvious reasons. Before carrying on with my routine banking, I usually stare at my savings account for a few minutes. I'll think to myself, "How on earth am I going to make that number grow?"

Aside from the once-in-a-while 5-cent interest, that $300 just sits, staring at me. A constant reminder of how tough it is to live paycheck to paycheck. I think I've found a solution, thanks to the internet and its endless resources of financial advice.

Short-term financial plans involve strategies that will satisfy my financial needs right away. Most of these plans are reversible and do not have an effect on long-term goals. Also, because it's short-term, I know there's a better chance of actually meeting that goal. Short-term financial plans also involve short-term assets.

A payday loan is a great short-term loan, especially if something interrupts your financial plan. I was always skeptical but after doing some research on CFSA.net I discovered some pretty useful, and startling, information about the payday loan system.

Basically, payday loans come in handy when you need money, for whatever reason, before your next paycheck. The loan gets repaid when your next paycheck comes; this often happens automatically. The application process is simple, quick, and, best of all, bad credit doesn't matter. The whole thing wraps up with money in your hands in 24 hours or less.

The great thing about all this is it doesn't get in the way of your savings. If the unexpected emergency suddenly pops into your life and you're in a bind, you don't have to feel bad about dipping into your well-earned savings...because well, you're not! It's like having your very own, financial flux capacitor.

"gunna go back in time!!!" (well...actually we're going forward but whatever. had to quote it)

I think the best way to manage your financial plans is to set realistic goals and an honest timeline. Hanging on to your invested dollars is an important piece to completing your big financial puzzle.

I would check out www.paycheckatm.com, AutoCashUSA.com, and USAPayDayLenders.com to get started and, as I said above, check out www.cfsa.net. It's a great resource for all the laws and policies in regards to the payday loan system and it also provides some useful saving and credit tips.

I've been riding a fixed-gear bicycle for about a year now. I've been on this hand-me-down conversion all this time and I think I'm due for an upgrade. I'm saving up for a new fixie and since there's so many other guys out there with flashy looking bikes, I'm thinking of going all out. I'm a simple-minded kind of guyu when it comes to design, though so I'm setting out to build something like this...

Imagine this badboy with blue accents instead of purple. Still though, I'm looking to spend a good $3,000 or more if I want a nice frame, a deep-V wheel set and the new annondized sugino-75 crankset. Oooh lordy. They make me drool.

Looks Like I have a lot of work to do!