Whats so great about title loans?

So you've decided to get an Auto Title Loan. Many of your friends might tell you you're making a bad decision but actually, there are some great advantages to using your car as collateral for a short-term loan, especially if you need quick cash.

First of all, obtaining a title loan is a fairy easy process. There are several Web sites out there like www.TitleAndPaydayLoans.com and www.AutoCashUSA.com. You fill out a really basic form and submit it to the site. A representative at a loan store near you will call you to confirm some details about yourself and your car and if everything is in order, your loan is granted. It's quick and easy.

Got a bad credit history? Don't worry about it. As long as you own the title to your car, the loan is guaranteed cash...because they're basing it off the value of your car. If anything happens and you don't pay the loan back...well...if you haven't figured out what will happen, keep reading to find out.

Nowadays, you can keep your car through the duration of the loan and as long as you pay it back, they won't take it away. Keep in mind, that's a really really important step. PAY IT BACK or you'll be getting used to your city's public transportation system. There's no shame in riding the bus (I do it all the time), I'm just saying...pay the dang loan back.

Loan periods are no longer than 30 days which means these loans should be used sparingly and for short-term financial solutions....hospital bills, vet bills, rent....etc. Its just the right kind of loan for that situation.

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