riding your bike is NOT a crime

everyone's talking about this video and i'm doing my part to spread the word.
if you could, do the same. show your friends and family. let this asshole's example pave the way for change.




wanna save $500 a month?

Yahoo-Finance posted some quick tips from ConsumerReports.org...

Here's one of my favorites...

Stop Paying Bank Fees
Average savings: $25

The American Bankers Association says 52 percent of consumers spend nothing on bank fees each month. But somebody's paying fees, and lots of them, because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. says banks collected $39 billion in account fees and penalties last year. That works out to an average of $28 per month per household. But with some planning, you can pay zero.

How to Do It

Bank at a large institution with lots of ATMs in convenient locations to avoid the cost of using other banks' machines—as much as $4 per withdrawal. And use the no-fee cash-back option at supermarkets.
Shop for free checking and strictly adhere to provisions for a minimum balance, direct deposit, or other conditions to avoid monthly fees. Keep track of checks, withdrawals, and debits to avoid overdraft fees averaging $27.

See how much an average overdraft fee costs?
$27. I know I've paid more than that before.

You know...the loans from Web sites like paycheckatm.com only cost about 15% of your loan. So if it comes to paying $27 in overdraft fees or paying $15 to get a $100 cash advance, it seems smarter to go with the lower number.

That reminds me!!

I just read this morning. Payday loans from sites like paycheckatm.com and usapaydaylenders.com can now lend up to $1200. It might not say so on the Web site, but I'm pretty sure the offer will be available when you apply.



financial abuse

Alright so... I'm feeling philosophical. bare with me.

If you think about it for a minute, there's one sin that almost the entire human race commits...every day.

Abuse....of everything.
resources. power. food. drugs and alcohol. other people...

In a way, its a natural thing, especially if you think of humans as animals. We share many characteristics of all other animals and we have the same essential needs: eat. survive. reproduce.

Animals do it too. A pack of wolves will fight and kill in fierce bloody territory disputes. A pod of dolphins will attack and rape wandering rouges. Baby birds will kill the smallest hatchling to compete for food. Wasps will destroy an entire colony of honeybees and eat the larvae. Humans pretty much do the same thing. We invade countries, steal their resources, lie, cheat and do whatever is necessary to "win the race," so to speak.

I don't really like to think of myself as part of this wild-animal picture I just painted and what gives me hope is the one thing that sets up apart from the wild and crazy animal kingdom: Our big huge noggin!

We're supposed to be smarter than dogs, dolphins, baby birds and wasps, right? We can think things out and weigh the consequences between right and wrong. We're supposed to have this great thing called CONSCIENCE, and if you watched Pinnochio as a kid, like you're supposed to, you'd know about this wondrous thing.

I try to listen to my conscience as often as possible...usually it's spot on. It's a nice way to guide myself to the right choices in life and when I do something wrong, I usually know what kind of trouble I'm getting into. Looking back on all my mistakes, I always knew I'd be setting myself up for a consequence of some sort.

So you see...your conscience is kind of like your own little personal psychic. If you listen well enough, it can kind of tell you about the future outcomes of your actions.

I applied this method of thinking to many aspects of my life. Three years ago, it led to my veganism. I absolutely couldn't continue supporting the meat and dairy industry after listening to the list of moral and physical consequences that come along with the consumption of animals.

It's why I try to ride my bike and take public transportation as much as possible.

And it's also what totally saved my behind when I was in serious financial trouble, not too long ago. I simplified everything and thought about all my spending habits as right or wrong choices. Thinking critically about my decisions, I was able to seriously cut my spending and get myself back on track. It's really important to think about your financial choices like this and constantly weigh the consequences of your monetary actions.

Should I buy that huge TV? How much money will I have left over to pay my bills and buy food?

Do I need to take out another loan? Is it the right time to take on another huge debt or can I figure out other ways to achieve my financial goals? Thinking things through will always help you find the right answer. Write a list and actually weigh the consequences on paper so you can see which path will produce the best results.

Even if you don't think you're making the wrong decisions, we might always find ourselves in a bind. Life gets random all the time but we do have resources to help counter those little wrenches that get tossed in the mix.

Sites like PaycheckATM.com and TitleandPayDayLoan.com are perfect examples of this kind of help.

Like any other loan, its important you think about what you're getting into before going through with it. Get your research done (by using sites like www.cfsa.net) and find out the right course of action for yourself.

Payday loans have a bad rep because so many people abuse them. Think about what you're going to do and how you're going to pay the loan back, make sure you have a plan and follow through with it. You'll be fine.

Apply that style of thinking to other areas of your life and it'll work wonders for you.


just in case you forgot...DON'T!!!!

don't forget how awesome RAPTOR JESUS is.

also...i was flipping channels at my girlfriend's parents house the other day and I caught the tail end of the GRINDHOUSE intermission fake movie trailers...inbetween Planet Terror and Death Proof.

these two are so awesome.


THANKSGIVING (this one's totally rated R...you've been warned)


yes! kermit rides fixed

found on the Southsea Fixed Gear Fight Club

love it.



Bikers vs Cops


Here's a great article about what the Police are doing in Portland, Oregon...a city with a huge bicycle community. Also a great blog!

I'm not sure how I feel about this. The author reports that "8 motor vehicle operators were stopped (all were given warnings) and 53 'bicycle operators' were stopped. Of those, 51 received warnings and 2 were written up for citations (for 'egregious behavior')."

I like the fact that they're trying to get more bicyclists to obey the rules of the road. I'm definitely guilty of taking advantage of being on a bike but I try to follow the rules as much as I can. If I expect people driving cars to respect the rules so that I can feel safe on the road, I have to lead by example, you know?

Still, that ratio is totally off. 8 to 53? Come on...there's got to be something wrong with those numbers. I think they should get cops on bikes to see just how much crap we have to deal with. Or move it to a busier street.


i'm moving soon!

My girlfriend and two friends have finally decided on a place to live. Thanks to one of the guys being unemployed and my girlfriend considers herself self-employed, we were denied a couple of our first choices...but in the end, we ended up a nice little 3 bedroom. My girlfriend and I get the master bedroom (sweeeet).

I almost missed out on the deposit money. I had one of those close-call moments where I thought I might have had to call on www.paycheckatm.com again to spot me just a few bucks. Ultimately, I was able to pay the deposit money because I got some extra freelance work in the nick of time.

There's absolutely no shame in using a company like paycheckatm.com or autocashusa.com. I mean, if you're in a sticky situation like that where it's imperative that you get this money paid...what else can you do really? My parents live across the country, it's not like they can give me a loan...and my friends are in the same financial situation as I am, so I can't really ask them.

That's why these companies exist, you know? It's for middle-classers like us who need a little help here and there. With that kind of understanding, there's no shame in taking advantage of the cash advance system. Especially if you consider what I discussed a few posts ago about how it doesn't affect your credit score.

Going on a little neighborhood bike race this weekend. I probably won't win but I'm expecting lots of fun and hopefully no scraped knees.

One day...I'll figure out how to do this trick...

If anyone wants to teach me, pleeease tell me what to do!