i'm moving soon!

My girlfriend and two friends have finally decided on a place to live. Thanks to one of the guys being unemployed and my girlfriend considers herself self-employed, we were denied a couple of our first choices...but in the end, we ended up a nice little 3 bedroom. My girlfriend and I get the master bedroom (sweeeet).

I almost missed out on the deposit money. I had one of those close-call moments where I thought I might have had to call on www.paycheckatm.com again to spot me just a few bucks. Ultimately, I was able to pay the deposit money because I got some extra freelance work in the nick of time.

There's absolutely no shame in using a company like paycheckatm.com or autocashusa.com. I mean, if you're in a sticky situation like that where it's imperative that you get this money paid...what else can you do really? My parents live across the country, it's not like they can give me a loan...and my friends are in the same financial situation as I am, so I can't really ask them.

That's why these companies exist, you know? It's for middle-classers like us who need a little help here and there. With that kind of understanding, there's no shame in taking advantage of the cash advance system. Especially if you consider what I discussed a few posts ago about how it doesn't affect your credit score.

Going on a little neighborhood bike race this weekend. I probably won't win but I'm expecting lots of fun and hopefully no scraped knees.

One day...I'll figure out how to do this trick...

If anyone wants to teach me, pleeease tell me what to do!

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