kissing and making up with apple

So....last week when the new iPhone 3G launched, I had my own launch...into a tirade about how much Apple sucks.

Well I still think they're pretty dumb for being so strict about iPhone sales but I must be completely honest....the new iPhone 2.0 software redeems them.

The App Store and the introduction of applications is revolutionary and has already improved my mobile life in so many ways. I can't wait to see the future of this feature.

Right now, I'm rocking a few of the free apps. I'm broke, remember? I can't buy any of the fancier ones right now. I'll make a list of some of the coolest ones.

Pocket Lint
Actually, this one isn't free and it's the only one i purhcased. It's just basically a virtual checkbook. It's simple and easy so it's totally worth the $4. You set up your accounts (checking, savings, whatever) and add or subtract transactions. It's a really nice and affordable way to keep track of your finances. There's a more expensive version for $10 called PocketMoney. That one definitely looks cool, you can do pie charts and it has multiple currency support for frequent travelers. I'd get it if I wasn't on a tight budget.

If any of you have visited Pandora.com and used their intuitive internet radio, you probably love. I do and now you can get it on your iPhone. Imagine...driving in your car, you can't think of what to listen to...plug in your iPhone and switch on the Pandora app. The music streams incredibly well, even over the edge network (which is great for people like me who didn't upgrade to the 3G phone).

Myspace/Facebook etc...
Myspace and Facebook both launched apps for the iPhone, and there are several other neat social networking apps that use maps and stuff. Not really new or different but very convenient for iPhone users who've had to use the generic website. It makes mobile networking easy.

Finally! I can chat with my friends when I'm on the go. Great program but I'm hoping that Adium releases an app soon. Come on guys!

This is actually very useful. It lights up a dark room really well and can switch to different colors: red, green and blue. It also has a neat strobe light feature. If you're ever in the mood for a rave, just switch it on.

May the force be with you. This app is totally useless but it's absolutely the best waste of time ever invented. Now I can whip out a lightsaber of my choice and have it out with a friend or co-worker. Really cool and free, so what do you have to loose? Unleash the inner StarWars geek within.

Pretty self-explanatory. Just really really useful.

Ever find yourself in a situation where you've got a song stuck in your head, you know how it goes, but you don't know the name or the artist? Or maybe you heard something good on the radio and you want to find out who the artist is...Well, this app is PERFECT and really AWESOME. All you do is either sing or hum your song into the phone OR you can hold your phone up to a speaker. Give it about 20 seconds worth of music and the app will tell you (or try to tell you) what song it is. GENIOUS!!!!

There are hundreds and hundreds of more applications out there and a good number of cheap financial tools. There's budget planners, loan calculators and more that might help you get a hold of your finances. Check it out. Point your iPhone, if you have one, to the app store.



payday loans get a performance check

As I've mentioned beore, the payday loan industry has seen steady growth over the last 20 years. There are many reasons this is happening and I could dedicate an entire post to them but I'd like to focus in on perhaps the biggest reason: Dissatisfaction with traditional lending practices.

In a survey I read, the only thing that beat paydayloans in customer satisfaction was overdraft protection. The same survey showed that they were actually more popular than home equity loans, credit cards, or bank/credit union loans....now granted, these are two very different types of loans but still...more and more people are turning to cash advances when they need financial assistance.

Donald Morgan, economist for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, argues that government bans on payday loans lead to more people bouncing checks, filing for bankruptcy and fighting with collectors.

He sites a great success story as an example. In 2003, Hawaii eased their payday loan limits. This resulted in a sharp decrease in the amount of problems with borrowers and lenders in that state. Most consumers were able to get their loan resolved in a month instead of several months. The state of Hawaii has also enjoyed a decline in bankruptcy filings.

Interest rates on overdrafts charged by credit unions and banks and exceed 2000%....that's worse than even those bogus interest rate numbers people like to throw around when criticizing payday and title loans.

To be completely frank, the demand and lasting influence and power of the payday and title loan industry really speaks for itself.

If you're in the market for a this kind of loan, www.PayCheckATM.com is a great place so start. They're linked up with hundreds of respectable lenders across the nation.

Paycheck...a really bad movie.
PaycheckATM.com....a really good Web site.