Vote or DIE!!!!

(cool Shepard Fairey piece)

Do you remember that weird Puff Daddy slogan during the 2004 election? I did...and I thought it was ridiculous. It just came back to my memory the other day when I was pondering the election. I remember first hearing it and laughing hysterically because I saw a visual image in my head of P Ditty showing up at my house warning me that if I don't vote I will most surely suffer a painful and disturbing death.

Anyway...I digress.

As you may have guessed this is an extremely important election year. It's SO important for all of us to vote. It's a responsibility for everyone who enjoys the luxuries of life in America. As bad as we may think we have it...it's never that bad...so stop whining and vote!

Keep in mind, it's not only an election for the President of the U.S. There may be lots of other important things to vote for so do your research.

Arizona, for example, has a ballot measure about Payday Loans.

If Payday and Title Loans are important to you, you should do your research and prepare yourself for voting day because you don't want to leave your booth without voting for measures like those.

In Florida, there are measures to "protect marriage." I don't live in Florida anymore but I'm still registered there so I'm voting absentee...you better bet I'll be voting a big fat "NO" on that B.S.

See....voting is fun. It gets you passionate and excited about important issues. Take a stand, get educated and VOTE DAMMIT!!!



Payday loans: An issue of cost.

Critics of the payday and title loan industries spend most of their time trying to convince you that payday loans' ultra high interest rates will inevitably ruin your life. They consistently leave out the fact that payday and title loans are short term...which if totally negates the high interest argument.

Typically, a short-term (2 weeks) loan costs $15-20. Credit card late fees can cost as much as $37. The last time I overdrew my account, I ended up paying $50 in miscellaneous fees.

On top of that garbage, you have to worry about your credit score. The other penalty in this equation is that every time you're late on a payment, your credit score goes down. Lower credit scores mean higher interest rates and less of a chance at obtaining bigger loans down the line...say for a new home, car or business.

Payday loan critics certainly don't mention any of that stuff...because if they did and people actually started figuring it out...they'd be making less of a profit on you!

The thing you must realize is that these critics have something at stake. Your money.

The more informed you are, the better choices you're making and the less money they get to steal from you.

Start a revolution and get educated!