credit discrimination

With the onset of e-commerce and online banking, online loans are becoming a more popular area of today's lending industry. Because of the nature of most online loans and their applications, one will never have to worry about credit discrimination. It makes no difference how you're paid or what kind of job you have, you can qualify regardless of credit score. In fact, instant loans require very little paperwork. Typically, all you will need to get a loan are a drivers license or state issued ID, a bank Statement with current checking account and proof of income.

Here's a good example of a typical on-line resume from AutoCashUSA.com, a title lending site.

I did a little research and found out that statistics shows the average payday customer is just like well...myself. The Credit Research Center at Georgetown recently did an analysis on payday loan customers and found out that 94% of payday loan customers have a high school diploma or more. The majority of customers are married with children. A surprising 100% of the payday loan customers have steady jobs and checking accounts, which doesn't surprise me since its part of the application requirements.

Online payday loans easily get you from one paycheck to the next. They are a good short-term solutions when the unexpected happens. Think of it as an emergency. Payments are deposited to your account, sometimes within 24 hours or less. Your loan is automatically added and when the loan is up, the withdrawal comes out of that same account as well (so make sure you've got the proper funds in there).

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