apple sucks!

I use Apple products. I own several Macs. I have an iPhone.

I love their products...but I HATE their logic. It just makes me shake my head.
Its my girlfriend's birthday and for a month, I've been waiting for this day to get her the new 3G iPhone. So I was standing in line for 2 hours this morning, got a decent place in line, then an Apple Store cheerleader shows up and announces the process of buying an iPhone.

The bottom line is...I can't buy the damn phone for my girlfriend...I can only buy it for myself! They MAKE you activate when you buy it (no wonder the line was moving so slow). When I told the Apple employee my situation, all she had to say was "Well, you can get her a gift card for $199 and she can come in and buy it."

Yeah...I'm going to give my girlfriend of 5 years a bloody gift card.


Where is the logic in this? I mean, it seems like they don't want people reselling the iPhone to other countries. I don't understand why they even care. One would assume that Apple would want as many sales as possible. I don't see what the big deal is.

I've been researching the web to try and figure out if I can buy it for myself, activate it for me, then deactivate it, re-activate my older iPhone, then give it to my girlfriend to activate for her service. I don't know....we'll wait and see if anyone answers my yahoo answers post.

If anything, I guess I'll just get her the damn gift card.

C'est la vie!

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