payday loan myths revealed!

I've kind of always known but I didn't realize the staggering criticism against payday and title loans. There's a lot of doo-doo going around and it's truly, just that.

Biggest Myth #1. Payday lenders take advantage of low income families and minorities
Biggest Myth #2. Payday loans are extremely expensive and have ballooned interest rates

It seems like there are some entities out there who intentionally spread incorrect information about the payday/title loan business. Just give the CFSA website a look to find out for yourself.


The FACT is, payday loan customers are proven to have steady income across the board. In fact, it's a bloody requirement. Studies show that the average payday loan customer’s income ranges from $25,000 to $50,000 annually and 94% have high school diploma or better with 56% having some college or a full degree. That pretty much describes middle-class America. Me, you and everyone (or mostly everyone) we know.

And remember...payday loans are two-week loans....not annual. See USAPayDayLenders.com to see for yourself. The typical fee charged by lenders is $15 per every $100 borrowed...15% for the two-week duration. Stating that interest rates are as high as 400% apr is true.....IF THE LOAN LASTS AN ENTIRE YEAR. Someone's stretching the truth a little too much I think...that's an impossible number in the world of payday and title loans, especially since most lenders don't allow rollovers...and the ones who do only allow 4 max! See!!!

Don't believe the hype.
If you need it, don't hesitate to think about a payday or title loan.

Check it!
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TitleLoanSites.com....a new site with descriptions of the top three title loan sites and lots of helpful links and other resources about Title Loans.

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HTMLTHUG said...

Who in their right mind would lend somebody $200 and only expect to get back $3.90 for that loan. Thats just bad business and down right stupid. I can see the payday loan point of view for sure. If you borrow a $100 for two weeks and pay back $115, that seems okay to me.