radio lab

I just discovered my new favorite thing. I've been a big fan of public radio programming for years and this love was only solidified during my four years at University, where I was a volunteer radio host/DJ in my spare time.

Yes...it's still cool to be a college radio DJ. In fact, I'd say its cooler now than ever. I wish I was still into radio and who knows? Maybe one day I'll crawl my way back in.

Until then I'll dream and listen to shows about... why I'm dreaming...why I'm sleeping, why I'm laughing. Why ants walk in a line. About the absurdity of zoos. About space and time. About science, life, culture and what makes everything tick.

It's called RADIO LAB. It's the science program I've always wanted, so easy to digest and so interesting that it leaves you wanting more. The production and writing is so smart and its absolutely fascinating. I urge you to download a podcast (very easy if you have iTunes) and give Radio Lab a try.

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