"Sin Stocks" on top during recession times

Here's a great article on some companies who are actually doing quite well during these hard and trying times....wouldn't you know? It's the alcohol, cigarette, candy and gambling industries!

I found this on walletpop.com:

LONDON (Aug. 12) - As a global recession looms, what better way to cope than to eat, drink and be merry?

Even as consumers face soaring energy costs, rising food prices and higher mortgages or rent, it seems clear they're not prepared to forgo many of life's little treats - alcohol, cigarette and candy makers are all reporting healthy sales amid the gloom.
"I would never give it up, not unless I was dying of alcohol poisoning or something," said Kelly Piggeln, a 62-year-old retired nanny, as she indulged in her favorite two vices of a cigarette and a glass of wine on the patio of a London bar.
I definitely fit the description. If there's one thing I always make room for in my weekly budget its my favorite vice... alcohol! In the fridge at home, there's a nice 12-pack of Sol just waiting for me and my bottle opener. Mmmmmmmmm...Sol.

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