Getting my life organized!!!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who talks about reorganizing everything on a daily basis. My girlfriend, tired of hearing me complain over and over again, surprised me the other day when she told me to "s**t or get off the pot."

Now I'm always good about paying my bills but sometimes surprises come up even when trying to be as organized as possible. That happens to me sometimes...a bill pops up that I forgot about. The usual culprit is my memory and lack of a reminder system...I'll get an email notification to may my internet bill weeks before its due, i'll trash the e-mail and completely forget.

Then we're stuck with late fees because we had to wait an extra few days to get paid, have the money processed through the bank and actually get the bill taken care of.

I've discovering a quick and fast way to pay your expenses when you need it without having to wait until you get your weekly or bi-weekly paycheck. Payday loans!!!

A payday loan is like a cash advance. It allows you to obtain cash now and pay it back when you actually get paid. Think about the times that you may have to ask Mom or Dad to “borrow” money and “I’ll pay it back when I get paid.” It’s sort of the same concept with payday loans.

The good thing about payday loans is that approval of your loan often takes little to no time to get. Many lenders have it set up to where the money gets deposited directly into your bank account. There you have it, instant cash and immediate access to needed funds.

There is interest that is tagged on to the loan but that's to be expected. It is best to try to pay the loan amount back as quickly as possible. For those that cannot pay the total amount at the time of payday, many lenders have payment options available.

PaycheckATM.com and USAPayDayLenders.com are great places to start.

It's really important to spend some time doing research and compare interest rates per lender. It's much better to get organized, budget out your expenses and determine what is a priority and what is not....like that big screen tv you want that just went on sale at Best Buy. Yeah...probably not a big priority if you haven't been saving up for it.

Here are some other excellent resources you should be checking out if you're thinking about using these services.



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